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Do you want to become a fair hostess in Hamburg?

If you want to become a fair host or promotional model, we provide the right jobs for you! Our Fair Host and Model Agency Hamburg is constantly looking for new models, promoters and fair hosts from Hamburg and surrounding cities like Bremen, Lubeck, Hanover, Flensburg or Kiel.

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Hostess Job Hamburg

Promotion and Fair Host jobs in Hamburg

Why apply for a promotion or fair host job in Hamburg? Quite simply: Hamburg is an ultimate exhibition city and offers a variety in exciting jobs at events on a variety of topics and products, from the latest beauty product to a spur wheel or tech gadget!

If you enjoy working in a team and are willing to walk up to people, the job of a fair host is just the right thing for you! Numerous tasks like customer support, service, the distribution of advertising material and more are awaiting you. Our Fair Hostess Agency Hamburg accepts applications from both experienced models and beginners.

Of course, you can also apply at our agency from all parts of Germany, since we provide promotion hosts throughout the country. Apply now via our online application form. See you soon!

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