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Are you looking for someone to lead through the program for your next event and make your event an absolute highlight? Then you've come to the right place – with our presenter agency Hamburg you will find a large selection of moderators from Hamburg and the surrounding area who you can book for a wide range of events. Whether it’s for a company’s event, a trade fair or even a virtual event. We offer you the optimal event staff.

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Presenter in Hamburg

You want to be part of our Presenter Agency?

You describe yourself as a born entertainer and are a real crowd puller who can convince someone with their language skills? Perhaps you already have some experience of speaking in front of an audience? Then start as a presenter with us!

Our presenter agency in Hamburg is always on the lookout for new talents from a wide range of disciplines.

Have you become interested? Then apply now to our moderator agency in Hamburg, and maybe we will soon find you your first job as a presenter.

Apply now and become part of the presenter team!

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Even if you are not from Hamburg, your application is welcome. We can also help you become a moderator in other cities, such as Lubeck or Kiel!