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Student jobs as a trade fair hostess & promoter in Hamburg

One of the most attractive job opportunities for students in Hamburg is working as a trade fair hostess or promoter. The industry offers flexible working hours and is a great opportunity to develop practical customer service, sales or service skills. Especially in Hamburg, students are often very well suited for part-time jobs as trade fair organizers and promoters, as this job often requires special skills and knowledge that many students have already acquired.

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Student job Hamburg

Requirements for student jobs as a hostess in Hamburg

A part-time job as a promoter or hostess in Hamburg presents you with an excellent opportunity to generate additional income and gain valuable sales and marketing skills. However, there are specific requirements that are crucial for success in this job.

  • Communication skills
  • Well-groomed appearance
  • flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Positive attitude
  • Foreign language skills (optional)

If this description appeals to you, and you are looking for an exciting part-time job or a student job in Hamburg, we would like to encourage you to apply to our agency for promotion and hostess work. The application is of course free of charge, and you have the choice to accept or decline job requests at any time.

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Even if you are not from Hamburg, we will gladly accept your student job application! As we travel throughout Germany, we are also looking for good-looking and extroverted hostesses in Bremen, Hanover or Lubeck, for example!